Beanopini | Aromatic Oregano
For naturally nutritious, easy, on-the-go snacking packed with more protein and fibre per calorie than most plant based sources beanopini is the ideal “feel-good” snack! The lupini beans are gently soaked, rinsed and pickled for bite, juiciness and flavour. The old fashioned artisan way! With low fat and virtually no sugar beanopinis slow release energy will leave you feeling ‘full of beans’ for longer.
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Aromatic Oregano

Our wonderfully herby beanopini sure do pack a flavoursome punch. After pickling, the lupini beans are combined with our special blend of aromatic oregano, which gives the beans their intense, moreish taste and subtle green hue. Two truly great Mediterranean ingredients in one good-for-you snack.

Benefits & nutrition
  • Naturally nutritious, easy, on-the-go snacking
  • Indulgent savoury taste with low fat, low carb and virtually no sugar
  • Packed with more protein and fibre per calorie than most other plant based sources!
  • Slow release energy to feel ‘full of beans’ for longer
  • Gently cooked and pickled for bite, juiciness and flavour
What’s inside

Just pickled lupini beans, aromatic oregano, a sprinkle of sea salt and lemon juice – no unnecessary stuff, just great ingredients. Find out how we make our beanopini here.

Available as:

5 x 38g (Grab Bags) for snacking on the go

2 x 100g (Party Bags) perfect for sharing